HOMA is a contemporary design atelier based in Istanbul. The atelier’s trademark processes are handblown glass, glass fusing and mirroring, created through the use of multidisciplinary techniques and materials. Over time, with meticulous research and experimentation HOMA has acquired unique expertise in mirrors, lighting and home interior objects thus elevating things of function to the status of art. 


Handcraft | HOMA has discovered one of the last remaining masters of handcrafted mirroring in the Eastern Mediterranean. The atelier is original in its simultaneous use of different techniques to create organic and flowing mirror shapes. Each piece celebrates reflection, translucency, movement, light, time, multiple layering and aesthetic, spontaneity…


Object | HOMA’s pieces are an exploration of organic, abstract, as well as unexpected flowing lines and shapes. Our design service offer is presented in a catalogue of over 50 designs in fluid and geometric shapes achieved through multidisciplinary techniques.


Materiality | Through the use of mixed textures and the layering of mirror elements unexpected effects are created on glass, which play with one’s visual perception as well as the surrounding space. Glass, stone, marble, messing mirror techniques, bronze, wood and clay are just some of the Earth’s materials that find their way into HOMA’S offerings. HOMA offers a vast materials library.


Architecture | Formally trained in interior architecture, HOMA founder, Tuğba Koç has transformed her knowledge and experience into layered aesthetic design objects. Now, with a team of architects and artisans, Tuğba applies her hands in a workshop environment on interior and exterior objects to enrich earth-derived, breathing, living materials. HOMA’s interior objects are informed by art and driven by the philosophy that nothing artificial should be allowed to interfere with the energy of one’s living environment.

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